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is a global manufacturer’s representative organization that is continually researching and partnering with the finest green technology companies in the world. Our products are more effective and have higher performance than traditional solutions, they are highly cost effective enabling quick ROI and are environmentally friendly.


Cyntropic Solutions

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Advanced Cost Saving Technology
for Refrigeration and Air Conditioning
Compress Shield's Polarized Refrigerant Oil Additive, (PROA), is recognized by the Department of Energy, ASHREA, American Home Shield and other intities as an innovative and effect way to improve the efficiency of heat exchangers in air-conditioners, chillers, heat pumps and refrigeration systems. In addition, Compress Shield technology reduces the wear and tear on compressor parts, extending the life of the unit.
Save an average of 15-20% on your cooling bill.
Next Generation Surface Protection
Coval Molecular Coatings takes the science of surface protection a quantum leap forward.  Using the very latest in 21st centrury technology, Coval coatings deliver superior performance, setting a new standard in sealing and coating protection.  If you are looking for Durability, Ease of Application, Ease of Maintenance and Compelling Cost Effectiveness than look closer at the exciting products from Coval.



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